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Regulations of the III International festival of debut theatres «THEATRE. DEBUT. YALTA»

March 26-29, 2015

1. Regulations of the III International festival of debut theatres «THEATRE. DEBUT. YALTA « (Here in after referred to as Festival) defines the procedure of its organization, holding and awards’ determination.

2. The founders of the Festival are:
• Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea
• Yalta City Council
• The Yalta Chekhov Theatre
• Reserve Fund of Drama Art Development

3. Dates of the festival:
• Festival will be held within the dates of March 26th-29th, 2015.

4. The objectives of the festival:
- To develop and improve the drama art, performed by debut theatres.
- To research drama art performances as the new form of leisure for children and youth.
- To represent the positive image of the Republic of Crimea as the international centre of culture.
- To spot out the bright children's, teenagers’ student's professional and amateur theater groups.
- To create the ability for the Festival participants to reveal and realize their creative potential during the festival.
- To promote extra creative art approach of debut theatres, participants of the festival.
- To provide the participants with the necessary conditions for positive professional relationships.

5. Participants of the Festival:
• All the debut children's, teenagers’, student's professional and amateur theatrical groups from Russia and abroad are eligible to apply for participation by March 1, 2015.
• Number of participants in one group is unlimited.

6. The program of the festival:
• Each theatrical group, as the participant of the Festival, represents only one (musical, ballet, drama) performance, lasting at least 60 minutes.
• The Organizing Committee forms the schedule of performances
• Each theatrical group is allowed to represent a master class, for the participants, the jury and the guests of honor.
• Each theatrical group is obliged to prepare a performance for “Theatre Skits Show”, which will be held on the Festival closing day. The performance should last no more than 10 minutes.

7. Jury:
• Festival Jury Board will be formed by Festival Organizing Committee.
• The Jury is headed by the Chairman.
•Jury elaborates evaluation criteria for the Festival nominations and selects the winner for each Festival nomination.
• Each performance is followed by the discussion groups completed of the Festival Jury and representatives of mass media.

8. Prizes and awards of the festival:
• The Jury evaluates the contest program
• Festival winners in each nomination are awarded with Festival Diploma, special prize “Crystal Seagull” and gifts of honor.
• Sponsors, founders, social organizations, as well, as jury can establish special additional nominations and awards.
• The «Grand Prix» Winner of the Festival gets the opportunity to participate in the VII International Theatre Festival» THEATRE. CHEKHOV. YALTA», which will be held in September 2015 in Yalta.

9. The Organizing Committee of the festival:
• General management of Festival is provided by Organizing Committee.
• Organizing committee takes the financial responsibility for organization, advertising/promotion and carrying out, budget formation and allocation of the Festival.
• Organizing Committee is empowered to introduce changes and supplements to the current Regulations.
• Issues aren’t covered by this Regulation, solves by Festival Organizing Committee.

10. Terms of Participation:
- Traveling expenses of theatrical groups – Festival participants – to and from Yalta (Crimea, Russia) as well as hotel accommodation are covered by the sending party. Organizing Committee can assist the participants to book the transfer through the route Simferopol-Yalta- Simferopol
- Festival organizers provide standard technical equipment for the stage (“stage clothing”, lightning equipment, amplifiers, desks, chairs, microphones).
- All the expenses, in concerns requisites, costumes, necessary sets and phonograms production are covered by the theatrical groups themselves and the sending party.
- Festival Organizing Committee provides guided tour services, equipped stages for performances, administrative and managerial service.
- Organizing Committee provides PR-company with the support of media partners, specialized media, the Internet - resources and central TV channels.

To apply for participation, please, fill out the form (find it attached) and send it by March the 1st, 2015 to the following address:
Required application supplementary documents:
• e-version of your performance ads/ announcement, namely:
layouts of poster, flyers, banners and other printed materials in formats:
a) PSD or TIFF (broken down in layers)
b) CDR
• theatre logo
• photos of performance
• resume of performance
• video of performance
• technical rider
• press-release
• information about the theatre
• information about art director and his/her recent photo

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Yalta, Crimea, 298600
Phone +7 978 816 67 00; +38 (0654) 27 25 00
E-mail: marketing_ytch@mail.ru


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