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Regulations of the VII International Theatre Festival “THEATRE. CHEKHOV. YALTA.”

Regulations of the VII  International Theatre Festival “THEATRE. CHEKHOV. YALTA.”1.Regulations of International Theatre Festival “THEATRE. CHEKHOV. YALTA.” (Herein after referred to as Festival) defines the procedure of its preparation, carrying out and winners’ award.

2. Founders
• Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
• Ministry of Culture of Republic of Crimea
• Yalta City Council
• Yalta Chekhov Theatre
• International Fund of Culture and Art Development

3. Dates
• Festival will be held within the dates of September 2015

4. Goals and Objectives
• To search for and promote best performances, director’s and actor’s works, author’s works;
• To revive festival traditions in Yalta Chekhov Theatre;
• To maintain and strengthen Russian’s ties in theatre sphere on the international level;
• To draw attention of theatre and culture actors to the historical and cultural heritage of Yalta Chekhov Theatre;
• To develop and preserve theatre traditions;
• To provide opportunities for creative learning; actors, directors, script writers’ experience sharing;
• To contribute to mutual enrichment and sharing of theatre arts and aesthetic ideas in the fields of stage direction, acting, scenography, innovations;
• To maintain creative communication between theatrical groups;
• To create appropriate conditions for Festival participants’ creative potential realization.
• To attract attention to creativity of theater companies which participate at the festival and their popularization by mass media.

5. Festival Participants
• Eligible participants are theatrical groups from Russia, foreign countries.
• Participation in the Festival is free of charge.

6. Program
• Festival program will include best performances of theatrical groups applied and selected by Festival Organizing Committee for participation at VII International Theatre Festival “THEATRE. CHEKHOV. YALTA.”
• Apply for the Festival may theatrical group with performance in any language of the plays of domestic and foreign authors. If necessary, the participant must provide advance electronic version of literary interpretation into Russian (or English subtitles).
• Each theatrical group is obliged to prepare a performance for “Theatre Skits Session” to take place on the Festival closing day. The performance should last no more than 10 minutes.
• Schedule of performances is formed by the Organizing Committee.

7. Organizing Committee
General management of Festival is performed by Organizing Committee composed of the representatives of Festival organizers. Organizing committee is in charge of Festival preparation, advertising/promotion and carrying out, budget formation and allocation.
Organizing Committee is empowered to introduce changes and supplements to the current Regulations.

8. Jury Board
• Festival Jury Board (not less than 5 people) is appointed by Festival Organizing Committee. The Jury is headed by the Chairperson. Jury elaborates evaluation criteria for the Festival nominations taking into account Festival creative procedure and selects winners in each Festival nomination.
• Apart from it, with the purpose of strengthening theatrical groups’ connections there will be the independent jury which will establish its nominations and prizes.
• Each performance is followed by the discussion groups participated by Festival Jury and representatives of mass media.

9. Performances Evaluation Criteria
• Art value of the dramaturgic material;
• Cohesion (unity of the idea, form and contents);
• Level of acting
• Harmonious combination of idea, style, decoration set (light, music, costumes) and performance;
• Concept and actors’ images development;
• General performing culture

10. Prize Award
• Festival winners in each nomination are awarded with Festival Diploma and a special prize “Crystal Pediment”.
• Jury, as well as sponsors, founders , social organizations and businesses can establish special additional nominations and prizes.

11. Terms of Participation
• Traveling expenses of theatrical groups – Festival participants – to and from Yalta (Crimea, Russia) as well as hotel accommodation are covered by the sending party. Organizing Committee can assist the participants to book the transfer through the route Simferopol-Yalta- Simferopol
• Festival organizers provide standard technical equipment for the stage (“stage clothing”, lightning equipment, amplifiers, desks, chairs, microphones).
• All expenses connected with requisites, costumes, necessary sets and phonograms production are covered by the theatrical groups themselves and the sending party.
• Festival Organizing Committee provides guided tour services, equipped stages for performances, administrative and managerial service.
• Each theatrical group, as the Festival’s participant, represents only one performance within the period Festival is held
To apply for participation, please, fill out the form (find it attached) and send it by August 1st, 2014 to the following address:

Yalta Chekhov Theatre
13 Yekaterininskaya St.
Yalta, Crimea 298600
Phone +7 978 816 67 00; +38 (0654) 27 25 00
E-mail: marketing_ytch@mail.ru

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